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Creator of aeronautical furniture.

« Daddy », « Mummy », « Mirage ». My father said that these were my first three words. It was the 1970s, the heyday of our Airforce. Hundreds of Mirage III, Mirage 5, Jaguar and F-100 then flew back and forth across our skies and everyday my passion for military aircraft grew. That passion has remained with me ever since.

I was an area sales manager in the transport business for 20 years. A few years ago I was lucky enough to acquire a high pressure compressor from a reactor which had recently been removed from a Mig 21. I was far from imagining then that this plane part was going to change my life. It was the foundation stone of what would later become Bellair Design. From then on, I would be constantly on the lookout for these pieces of decommissioned planes or aircraft left behind by the army.

Aeronautical furniture

The Cold War generated a whole range of technology with which I can express my artistic creativity. Opportunities and chance meetings allow me to select the parts I like and which inspire me. Depending on their condition and originality, I work on them bringing them back to life as exceptional pieces of furniture or decorative objects. They can also just be cleaned and displayed at their best in the simplest way.

These original and unique objects will give your homes or workplaces a hint of luxury which you will never see anywhere else.

I could offer you only machined and transformed parts to embellish your home but this would be reducing the potential of these parts which have made history. I have also decided to create bespoke items, according to your wishes and tastes.
The flight control system of a plane can come back to life in many forms. The first stage of a reactor may become part of the frame of a table, be changed into an art-deco clock or become part of a television unit.
Once the choice has been made, we need to decide which materials should be used: Perspex for its unobtrusiveness, aluminium for its radiance, titanium for its purity or carbon for its technological quality?

Let me help you to define what you want so that you feel a sense of excitement whenever you look at your acquisition.

Do you have a plan or an idea ?

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information about my approach or your ideas.

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