CFM 56 Mirror

The Boeing C-135F is the French version of the American airplane KC-135A Stratotanker specialized in in-flight refueling. In 1964 France acquired 12 models to give the Mirage IV the required autonomy to carry out its nuclear missions.

From 1985, the engines in these aircraft were replaced with more powerful CFM 56 which consumed less and were less noisy than the original J57 engines. The C-135FR (R for fitted with a new engine) can carry 87 tons of fuel and remain airborne for up to 12 hours.
This « old soldier» has provided essential support for all the Air Force’s foreign operations but is due to be replaced by the Airbus A330 MRTT in the next decade.

Diameter of the mirror : 40 cm
Diameter of the stator : 50 cm

This stator comes from the High Pressure body of the CFM 56. It is located upstream from the combustion chamber. It has not been damaged by hot gas. It has been cleaned and has recovered its original appearance.
The main feature of this part is its small diameter. It could therefore be displayed on a wall with a limited surface area.

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