MiG-23 assembly

In the 1960s, the MiG Design Department started to express an interest in variable-sweep wings. The MiG-23 was the result of fairly simple specifications: to produce a fighter plane flying at Mach 2-Mach 2.5 with much shorter take-off and landing rolls.
This aircraft was one of the best front-line fighter planes in the 1970s. The MiG-23 has often been upgraded and is still being used in a few air forces around the world. The last versions are propelled by the Tumanski R-35 turbojet.

Height : 105 cm
Length : 110 cm
Diameter of the compressor : 90 cm

The Tumanski R-35 is one of the biggest and most powerful turbojets in fighter planes. It can produce a maximum thrust of 13,000kg with reheating.
The diameter of the compressor is 90 cm.

This unique piece is composed of the 3 first stages of the R-35. It is entirely made of titanium and has been mirror polished.
The 3 stages are on an axis mounted on bearings. Due to its considerable weight, the stainless steel base of the piece is fitted with wheels which can be replaced with fixed legs made of carbon.

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