Mirage III landing gear door

During the 1950s, the threat of bombers transporting nuclear weapons made it essential to develop light, supersonic interceptor aircraft. At the Générale Aéronautique Marcel Dassault, they were convinced that the delta wing held the solution. Through the Mystère Delta, Mirage I and Mirage IV interceptor, the engineers created a plane which was to become the spearhead of French fighter aircraft: the legendary Mirage III.

1400 Mirage III were manufactured and flown in 20 countries. It is without a doubt a fine French industrial success story.

Length : 96 cm
Height : 82 cm

The special feature of this hatch is that the opening was incorporated into its structure. This modification was made in order to allow powerful American bombs to be transported.

Its considerable size will allow it to stand out when set against a stone wall or as a unique piece in very contemporary surroundings.

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