Motorlet M 701 jet engine

At the beginning of the 1960s, fighter pilot training could no longer take place on propeller-driven aircraft. The USSR asked the Czechoslovakian aviation industry to study and build a simple, inexpensive training jet. Aero Vodochody produced about 4000 L-29 Delfin, 2000 of which were delivered to the Soviet Union. The rest were used by all the Warsaw Pact air forces except Poland.

The L-29 was propelled by a jet engine with a centrifugal compressor, the Motorlet M701.

This engine has a relatively simple design. At the front the cone houses the generator, followed by the centrifugal compressor. The 7 combustion chambers can be found in the middle part. The fixed-section tailpipe makes up the rear.

This jet engine is extremely well-preserved. It is mounted on a stainless steel chassis especially designed to allow it to be operational.
Fuel tank, instrument panel with joysticks and indicators, nothing is missing!

Impressive and unique, this piece is an exceptional decorative object which will arouse the curiosity of those around you.

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