SA-2 Guideline tailfin

The most deployed anti-aircraft missile in the world, the SA-2 Guideline, was first produced in the mid-1950s. It was constantly upgraded. This missile was guided by radar and measured nearly 11 meters. The SA-2 flew at Mach 3.5. Its effectiveness could be seen during the Vietnam War when it inflicted heavy losses on the American Air Force.

On a more trivial note, the SA-2 inspired a global phenomenon. On 1st May 1960, an American U2 spy plane was shot down by an SA-2 over Soviet territory causing a diplomatic crisis which almost turned very sour. About ten days later, a little boy called Paul Hewson was born in Dublin. Later he would take the stage name of Bono. In 1978, he would change the name of his rock group from The Hype to U2, an allusion to the plane shot down by an SA-2.

Height of the tailfin on its steel base : 103 cm
Length of the tailfin : 180 cm

The mirror-polished finish highlights the numerous rivets which were hidden under the thick paint. After a long period of cleaning, brushing and polishing, the original radiance of the aluminum is recovered. A glint of light will soon be bouncing off the tailfin. It is mounted on a steel base.

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