SA-6 guidance system

Seen in Moscow in 1967, this system was first used in 1973 in the Middle East. The Israeli pilots quickly nicknamed the SA-6 « The 3 fingers of death », and in the 1970s and 1980s, it became the anti-aircraft defense system which was most likely to hit its target.

Mounted on a self-propelled caterpillar chassis, the mobility of the system made it a powerful weapon.

Height : 75 cm
Diameter : 33 cm

The SA-6 measures more than 6 meters long. It could intercept a flying target at up to 9,000 meters altitude. In order to achieve this, its ramjet propelled it at Mach 2.8.

The SA-6 missile’s guidance system is a work of art, the very essence of the technology of the late 1960s which had to be squeezed into a tube with a diameter of 33 cm.
This unique piece is a real jewel. Only its casing is missing.

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