TA-8 Auxiliary Power Unit

An auxiliary power unit (or APU) is a turbojet connected to an alternator and to a generator which acts as a starter for the engine (s) of the plane when it is not assisted by a starter unit on the ground.
The TA-6 auxiliary power units could be found in a number of Soviet civil or military aircraft. The TA-8 was the last version.
The TA-8 was positioned in the rear of the fuselage of the few 850 Tupolev Tu-134 that were manufactured. It was used to start the 2 Soloviev D30 turbojets which propelled these planes.

The first planes off the assembly line did not have a thrust reverser which would have allowed them to reduce the landing roll. The Tu-134 was therefore one of the few passenger planes to use a braking parachute when it was landing.

This APU is extremely well-preserved. It is mounted on a stainless steel chassis especially designed to allow it to be operational.
Fuel tank, instrument panel with joysticks and indicators, nothing is missing!

Impressive and unique, this piece is an exceptional decorative object which will arouse the curiosity of all those around you.

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