TS-11 Iskra Lamp

At the beginning of the 1960s, Moscow demanded that all the countries of the Warsaw Pact equipped their air forces with Czech training aircraft. Only Poland refused. It designed and developed its first jet plane, the PZL TS-11 Iskra.
The Polish air force and navy received about 350 of these aircraft. India was the only country to which the TS-11 Iskra was exported.
A few disarmed planes are still flying in the United States, owned by rich collectors.

Height : 39 cm
Diameter : 42 cm

The first stage of the compressor of the WSK SO-3 engine of the plane is used as the base of the lamp.

To show this lamp at its best, I wanted to mix the materials. The wood of the base gives the lamp a warm appearance. The carbon stem gives a technical feel. Finally, the large-diameter bulb contributes to the harmonious quality of the light. I called this lamp HALNY WIATR, name of a powerful wind blowing in poland.

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