Flight chronographs

All the fighter or transport planes and helicopters produced since 1947 have been fitted with Molnija chronographs. Located in Tcheliabinsk, the Molnija factory took over the Rolex and Cortebert patents for its watches and a Jaeger patent for its chronographs.
The chronographs with a 12-hour scale have been constantly modified. Many versions of the AChS-1 model exist.
The ChS-55M model is far more unusual, the 24-hour scale being its special feature.
Nowadays, even in our digital age, the Molnija chronograph watch is one of the only mechanical elements in the cockpit.
All the models are in perfect working order. They need to be wound up about every 5 days. Each chronograph has a tailor-made solid oak or carbon casing. It will blend in perfectly with the surroundings of an old-style office or a more modern setting.

Length : 17 cm
Height : 16 cm
Depth : 14 cm

This ChS-55M could be found on board a Tupolev Tu-95MS based in Ukraine. It was fitted in the radio navigator’s compartment. Connected to the electrical circuit of the nuclear weapons on board the plane, this chronograph was part of the arming process of the bomb.
Molnija manufactured only about one hundred per year.

The AChS-1 is the instrument which accompanied every generation of pilot in the Soviet Union and then Russia. Located on board all the OKB Mig Tupolev, Sukhoi, Antonov, Mil and Kamov, to name but a few, it even went into space with all the Soviet cosmonauts.

Le carbone apporte une touche très contemporaine à ces vénérables chronographes. Les pièces en inox sont usinées sur mesure en fonction du diamètre du tube de carbone.

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