Jaguar Clock

The name of the Jaguar is perhaps even more famous than the Mirage.
200 Jaguars, a ground assault plane, were part of the air force between 1973 and 2005. The Jaguar was a true « war beast », taking part in all the conflicts in which France was involved.
This legendary plane, a favourite with pilots, made a lasting impression in the history of the air force.
Powered by 2 Rolls-Royce / Turboméca Adour reactors, the Jaguar was rather sluggish and according to some pilots, it only managed to take off « because the earth is round... ». The Adour was therefore not a model of power but for all the pilots, it will remain a guarantee of solidity and reliability.

This clock with a diameter of 57 cm was made from a stator of the Low Pressure compressor of the Adour. This piece was originally covered with white paint which gradually wore off with use. The stator was stripped and then treated to reveal the original appearance of the aluminum alloy of which it is composed.

In the same way as the Jaguar pilots had to be « just in time » above their target, you will be on time thanks to this unique and original timepiece.

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