Snecma Atar 9C Mirror

At the end of the Second World War, the French aeronautical industry was developing prototypes capable of ever greater performances. From the first flight of an ATAR 101 on a single-engine aircraft in 1951 to the last tests of the ATAR 9K50 of the Mirage F1 at the beginning of the 1970s, the SNECMA constantly developed and improved its turbojets.
The success of the Mirage for nearly half a century was in part due to the great reliability and confidence which the ATARs provided.

Diameter of the mirror : 46 cm
Diameter of the stator : 76 cm

This stator is made of Inconel steel, an alloy designed to withstand very high temperatures. One of the special features of this part is the design of its blades. Indeed, these blades are hollow and were cooled by a flow of cold air right inside their structure. This model comes from an ATAR 9C reactor which propelled the Mirage III.

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